Sectors of activity

1. Marine

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of recreational boating and competition, the Lancelin rope factory is also a fully committed player in the development of high performance products for the maritime and military industry.

From mooring to towing large vessels, from laying lines to deploying submarine cables, from racing boats to cruising boats, the range of fibers we use in our ropes is wide enough to meet your requests.

Our laboratory, equipped with 3 traction benches, one for fatigue, the other 2 for breaking up to 600 tons of load, allows us to validate the qualitative requirement of all our ropes.

2. General & Industry

In many sectors of activity, the replacement of metal cables or traditional ropes by the latest generation high-performance fibers allows our customers to remain at the forefront of technology in their respective fields.

The mixtures of fibers or the integration of conductive threads, optical fibers, steel cables, are complex processes that we manage to master thanks to the trust of several of our customers.